Psycho Digest (Digestive) Description for Resellers

Psycho-Digest herbal distilled is a combination of 9 different medicinal plants: Aloysia triphlla, Citrus aurantium, Echium amoenum, Melissa officinalis, Lavandula stoechas, Valeriana officinalis, Viola odorata, Cinnamomum zelanic and Salix alba. All of them have therapeutic properties to treat digestive problem. Psycho-Digest has been produced by Parsiteb Company.

Each ml of Psycho-Digest contains valerat, citronellal, limonene, violet, Sallicin, Linalylacetat, Linalool and cinnamaldehyde (It should be noted that this component is an essential component of these plant that is effective in the treatment of digestive diseases).

Applications of this herbal distilled are following:

Ulcer treatment, anti-inflammatory, anti-crown, treatment for ulcerative colitis, anorexia and constipation treatment.

The early stages of the clinical tests were conducted in a pilot experiment. For this purpose the product was used as a supplement in the diet of patients. So, repeatedly checked the positive effects of the product on patients with digestive problems. The results have shown that in 80% of the people who were considered as clinical community, taking this diet disrupted the symptoms of the disease. The minimum performance of this product for other people has been to prevent the progression of digestive problems.

The usage of this product is 80-100 ml per day and 2 hours before lunch. The best time to use it at the height of thirst (the thirstier patient can absorb the product more). It should be noted that the duration of using Psycho-Digest and achieve a complete result depends on the duration of the person's diseases, the presence or absence of other diseases, the age of the patient, the degree of observance and the extent of the disease. In general, for a moderate level of diseases, the period is one month. This product is not recommended for people with constipation.

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