Pedia cramps Description for Resellers

Pedia-cramps herbal distilled is a combination of 10 different medicinal plants: Thymus vulgaris, Platanus orientalis, Salix alba, Mentha polegium, Malva sylvestris, Trachyspermum copticum, Hyssopus officinalis, Echium amoenum, Ziziphus zizyphus and Mentha piperita. All of them have therapeutic properties to treat digestive problem in children and infants. Pedia-cramps has been produced by Parsiteb Company.

Each ml of Pedia-cramp contains Menthol, Pinocamphone, Thymol, Salicin, Anthocyanin, Anethole, 1,8-Cineole and Phytol (It should be noted that this component is an essential component of these plant that is effective in the treatment of digestive diseases in children and infants).

Other usages of this herbal distilled are following:
Boosting children’s digestive system, treating bloating, indigestion treatment, anti-nausea, treating excess gastric acid, treating gastric acid reflux, pain relievers, protecting the gastric mucosa The early stages of the clinical tests were conducted in a pilot experiment. For this purpose the product was used as a supplement in the diet of patients. So, repeatedly checked the positive effects of the product on children and infants with digestive problems. The results have shown that in 80% of the people who were considered as clinical community, taking this diet disrupted the symptoms of the disease. The minimum performance of this product for other people has been to prevent the progression of digestive disease in children and infants.

The application of this product is:

Infants: Maximum 2 times per day (every time 2 ml)
Children: Maximum 2 times per day (every time 5 ml)

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