Product Introduction

Parsiteb 9 herbal distilled produced of Trachyspermum afficinalis, Citrus medica, Echium amoenum, Crocus sativus, Melissa officinalis, Saccharum officinarum, Rosa damascene, Cinnamomum zelanicum and Cichorium intybus. All of them have therapeutic properties to treat mental problems. Parsiteb 9 has been produced by Parsiteb Company.


The studies that have been conducted in Iran about mental psychological problems are often scattered, but according to surveys, more than 12% of the adult population in Iran suffers from a mental disorder such as depression. Experts also believe that there is a close relationship between depression, stress and anxiety, and those who are stressed and anxious are more likely to develop depression, and sometimes stress is a facilitator of depression. It is said that by 2020, depression will be the second leading cause of death in the world after cardiovascular disease. Due to the increase in depression, the market revenues for depressive medicines will increase in the coming years. These statistics are a warning signal for more attention to unwanted and inappropriate treatment of mental and psychological problems.

The most important usage:

  • Obsessive compulsive disorder treatment
  • Memory Improvement & Alzheimer's treatment
  • Anxiety treatment
  • Depression treatment
  • Relieve stress
  • Parkinson's treatment

Prohibited usage:

The use of this distilled is not recommended during the first 4 months of pregnancy, menstruation, constipation, and those with diluted blood.

Chemical Structure

Effective components of medicinal plants are metabolites, although they are not essential for the survival of the plant, but their production and storage are vital to human’s life. These substances are also known as secondary metabolites. With the proper knowledge of medicinal plants therapeutic properties, the processing and extraction of effective substances, we can produce a variety of herbal medicines that do not have side effects of chemical medicines. Parsiteb 9 is a combination of 9 medicinal plants. Each 100 ml of Parsiteb 9 contains Thymol, Citronellal, limonene, Crocin, Anthocyanin, Cichoriine, Quercetin, Octacosanol and cinnamaldehyde (It should be noted that this component is an essential component of these plant that is effective in the treatment of mental diseases).

Mechanism of Effect

Parsiteb 9 is combination of 9 different medicinal plants: Trachyspermum afficinalis, Citrus medica, Echium amoenum, Crocus sativus, Melissa officinalis, Saccharum officinarum, Rosa damascene, Cinnamomum zelanicum and Cichorium intybus. The early stages of the clinical tests were conducted in a pilot experiment. For this purpose the product was used as a supplement in the diet of patients. So, repeatedly checked the positive effects of the product on patients with mental problems. The results have shown that in 80% of the people who were considered as clinical community, taking this diet disrupted the symptoms of the disease. The minimum performance of this product for other people has been to prevent the progression of mental problems.

Scientific Certification

Parsiteb is a medical company that, while accepting its social responsibility in a framework of ethical management, seeks to create a global model with the goal of producing and supplying natural and herbal products for the promotion of community health.

One of the most important goals of the Parsiteb Company is to diagnose diseases and protect people against various types of diseases, using the medical consultation system and herbal medicines produced by the company.

Certifications & Qualification

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